15 October, 2013

I've fallen in love.

I can't quite recall when my map obsession began.  I think it began at the same time as my wanderlust obsession, so probably sometime after I got back from China.  But maps are my absolute favorite.  I made a poster for my room last summer by cutting out letters that say
wan·der·lust (n.)
an irresistible desire to
travel to understand
one's very existence.
glued them to a world map, and got it laminated.  Voila, poster of my dreams.  It was basically the outline for my tattoo, that is the same thing, just without the actual definition of the word.  I catch myself, though, just staring at the map in my room.  It's right at eye level right by my bed, so it's not difficult to get caught up in it.  I think my love of maps is just an extension of my love of traveling.  Looking at a map is like looking at my future; the possibilities are endless.  To think that some of these tiny dots in the world hold people on them, and those people have their own cuisine, language, culture... just blows my mind.  Maps are more than just maps of land, but they are maps of lives.  Maps show history, people, cultures... maps just truly amaze me.

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