22 October, 2013

I am in Serious Need of Help

I am honestly so confused as what to do next year.  I'm applying to a couple more grad schools purely for the sake of my professor (I know its bad, but I love him so how could I not?  Also, these are great schools that I would be lucky to go to and someday want to go to).  However, if I teach abroad next year, I'm seriously struggling about where to go.  I know I want to go to Asia; my heart just knows its where I belong.  At first I just wanted to go to China or South Korea, but now my heart is leaning toward Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, or Indonesia.  Okay fine, I have absolutely no idea where I want to go next year.  I am in serious need of help, and would love any advice.  Please please please, if you have any ideas of where would be better or worse to go, please leave a comment or e-mail me.  I am so confused and have no idea what my next step should be.
Thanks guys!

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