18 February, 2013

Quirks of Italy

In case you're bored of my philosophical blogs, I thought I would have a normal one that most students write while studying abroad.  Here are some random things about Italy:

  • The yogurt is so amazing.  Every time I take a bite of it, I want to say, "DAMN that's fresh!"
  • The mozzarella.  To describe it to an American, I'll tell you what Nikki called it today when I ran into her: "Weird mozzarella cheese that comes in water."  When you buy it from the grocery stores, the bags have water in them, and that keeps them soft and amazing and SO MUCH BETTER than the crap we have in the states.  Seriously, its not even the same.
  • The tomatoes are SO DAMN GOOD.  If you knew me well back home, you'd know that I didn't eat tomatoes.  Well, today I made myself a sandwich and I put an entire tomato on it.  They're just that good here.
  • Cobblestones EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, the only paved roads that exist are the main ones.  I am basically constantly staring at the ground to make sure I don't trip and fall on my butt.  Which has yet to happen, but I've had a lot of close calls.
  • Gelato is everywhere.  Absolutely everywhere.  If you're hungry for gelato, you should just turn 360 degrees and I am 100% positive you will see a gelatteria somewhere in the distance.
  • Not hungry for Italian food?  That's too bad.  We're in Italy, dammit, and I'll be damned if you want to eat anything other than Italian food!
  • Everyone wears boots.  Pretty sure this is a modern world thing instead of Italian, but I'm always dressing up, because its just what people do here.
  • It's really easy to not pay for public transportation.  I was in Prague for a good hour and I was already fined 500 CZK (which is about $26.50) for not paying for a ticket.
  • Wine is dirt cheap and damn good.  In the states, if you bought a dollar bottle of wine, 1) does that even exist 2) its going to taste terrible.  Boxed wine, yes, boxed wine is amazing and only about a euro.
  • Everywhere you go has history.  I just found out today that a restaurant in Campo di Fiore, the piazza that all of the American students go to party, still has the arches from the first ever stone theatre built in Rome.  How crazy is that?
  • Ancient Rome is about 6 or so feet below modern Rome.  Thus, anytime they try to do something normal, like build a metro line, it takes them years.  "Damn it what did I hit this time, oh, is that an ancient ruin?" Yes, yes it is.
  • Roman statues are thought of as white, but GUESS WHAT they were painted! Yeah, my mind was blown, too.
  • People go grocery shopping multiple times a week, and thus they don't use grocery carts.  They have these bigger versions of grocery/target baskets that have wheels that you carry around with you.  They're so much easier than carts, and I love them.  Also, food spoils really quickly because it is SO DAMN FRESH, which is why they go shopping so many times a week.  You don't want to know what my milk was like after I was in Athens for the weekend.  Nasty.
Well, that's all I can think of for now!  Ciao!

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