14 January, 2013

Living in Italy - the full experience.

My roommates are both American, but the rest of my building is full of true Italians who speak little to no English, and let me say, Italian housing is quite the experience.  First off, we have to time everything because we have so little hot water.  The shower is kind of open, so even if the water is warm, the air is not.  We have to leave the window open in the bathroom so the moisture from showers doesn't create mold, leading to - you guessed it! - colder showers.  Quiet hours are extremely enforced, because apparently Italians are fans of immediately calling the police without asking the neighbors to quiet down.  Quiet hours are from 2300-700, and then again at siesta from 1300-1600.  Our neighbors seem to like to play Britney Spears' song Hit Me Baby One More Time once siesta is over, but just until the middle of the first chorus.
It's really hard to be quiet when we have the loudest lock in the entire world!  In order to lock the door, you have to insert your medieval key into the lock and turn it not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times.  And its loud.  And the door doesn't even close if you don't lock it.  It has to be locked at all times, basically.
It's Italian law to recycle, which is fine by me, except for the fact that their system is really hard to understand.  We have three cans to put garbage into, but none of them are just garbage.  We have a paper/cardboard/cardstock bin, a glass/plastics/metal bin, and a food/organic waste bin.  All of which have different days and times they need to be taken out.  My roommates and I haven't really had much garbage yet, but I'm not excited to get into that routine, because it confuses the crap out of me.  I still don't know where normal garbage goes.
We don't have a dryer, which is fine.  I was picturing, however, me hanging up my wet clothes on a clothesline on a balcony.  Maybe thats how it works for other people, but we don't have a balcony.  So, our drying racks go in the living room.  There are three of us, it takes a day or two for stuff to dry, so basically we will always have these things up.  Yay!
So today is the first day of classes, and I'm already bored!  My roommates have an 8:30, and since our lock is obnoxiously loud, they totally woke me up (not their faults though!).  So, I'm up at 8:09, and I don't have class until 1:30.  So now its 10, and I have nothing to do.   But today is my only day like that; Tuesdays and Thursdays I have an 11:30 and Wednesdays I have my onsite class at 9:15, and you have to travel to the site we're going to, so I'll probably have to leave my apartment at 8:30 or even earlier to make sure I can find it on time!!  Luckily I already have a friend in my class who we can work together to find these places.  I am honestly really excited to start classes, because I can finally meet the people I'll be seeing while I'm in Rome, plus I'm taking classes I'm really interested in!  I finally get to pursue my interests in Classics, even though I have no future plans with them.  Oh well, when in Rome, am I right?!

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