04 October, 2012

Why I Absolutely Hate Politics.

Fact: I hate politics.
Want to know why? Because they're stupid.  Okay, that's not an actual reason, but in all honesty, I think politics, in particular presidential races, are stupid.  I don't understand why we think that one person can run a country.  Seriously, how can one person be completely right on everything? How am I supposed to back one of two people up if there are a hundred or so different issues that they have stands on?  Partisan politics are ridiculous, it's not like you MUST agree with Republicans on money just because you agree with them on something like gay marriage, or anything like that.  Middle ground exists for a reason, yet people seem to think that we have to fit into one of two boxes.  Yes, I have already voted for President, and yes, I stand behind the man I voted for.  However, that does not mean that I agree with everything he says, or that I disagree with everything the other party says.  I hate how this is all a popularity contest.  Especially since the majority of American voters have no idea what they're voting for.  There are few people in this country who I think has a reason to vote, I not being one of them.  I also hate that certain people think that their political belief is absolutely correct and that people on the other side of the spectrum are not only wrong, but bad people for thinking the way I do.
Also, stop telling me how to vote. It makes me want to vote the other direction just to spite you.
So, in summary, I hate politics.  No one can talk about it in a civil manner.  I can't wait for this voting stuff to be over.

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