18 May, 2012

My Stereotypical "Who I Want to Fall In Love With" Post

This is my stupid, I'm a super romantic, and this is what I want in a guy post.  But not like, "I want someone who is tall, dark, and handsome", because honestly, I don't really care what he looks like.  I hope he's decent looking, and I hope that we would mesh well enough that our kids wouldn't look like monsters, but you know, that can be a lot to look for when you are looking for a genuine guy like I am.  All I really want is someone who is going to love me for me, and isn't going to try and change me.  I want someone who will appreciate my love for Backstreet Boys.  And you know what, my dream guy will sing me a BSB song that is relevant to our relationship, even if he's a terrible singer, because he knows it'll make my day.  I want a guy who likes that I love yoga for more than just because my ass looks fine in yoga pants (though I want him to appreciate that, too).  I want a guy who is going to kiss me just because he wants to, not because it's going to lead to more.  I want a guy who is willing to respect my boundaries and won't push them.  I've dealt with those losers who don't respect you, and they're just not worth it, no matter how nice they are otherwise or how good looking they are.  I want a guy who likes that I like to learn, and I want a guy who is willing to travel the world with me.  If he doesn't want to travel, it'll be a pretty lonely relationship.  I want a guy who is into music, because I don't understand people who don't love music.  I want a guy who either a) loves Harry Potter as much as I do or b) won't make fun of me for my love of Harry Potter.  He needs to like the fact that I love tattoos, and be okay with me getting more.  In general, he has to like and love me for me.  If he wants something different, then its not actually going to work.
Of course, I have things I want in a guy, like exact personality traits.  However, they're a lot more flexible.  People change in a relationship; I had a totally different type before I dated my high school boyfriend.  And now I want something different.  And maybe I'll date someone, it won't work out, and then I'll want something even different.  I believe that all people are wonderful, and I'm sure I could fall in love with many different types of guys if offered the chance.
So, in general, I've thrown all rules that I once had about guys out the window.  I am now looking for someone who is happy, loves life, and would find living life by my side interesting and fun.  I'm not looking for someone right now, but if it happens I won't be disappointed.  I'm just seeing what life throws my way.

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