30 April, 2012


I DON'T KNOW IF YOU HEARD THE FANTASTIC NEWS, BUT KEVIN IS BACK IN THE BACKSTREET BOYS.  Okay, so they were still making music and touring without him, but I don't think people realize how much preteen joy was brought back to my heart when I discovered that the five were back together.  So, in honor of the gang being all back together, I thought I would write about why I, an almost-twenty-year-old honors major in college is still desperately  obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, and always will be.
This was taken inconspicuously in the library.Yes,some people will complain that they don't make "real" music, and I agree that they don't write their own songs.  Which is fine by me.  You know, I can't write music, but I LOVE to sing.  Does that mean that I'm not allowed to sing because I can't write my own music?  No.  Just like people who are amazing song writers but can't sing shouldn't be stopped from writing music.  The Backstreet Boys are amazingly talented. They all have great voices, and they know how to harmonize like NO BODY'S BUSINESS.  Because I listened to them all of my life, I now love to sing harmony over the main melody if I can.  It gets a little difficult though, because I do end up trying to sing all five parts, since I know them all.
I also love the Backstreet Boys because they sing songs that I actually agree with.  Yes, they're cheesier than cheesy bread.  But you know what, I would rather have a boy who is trying to date me sing to me that he would "love me more than that", that "no one else comes close" to me, than "ass ass ass ass...".  I don't care how cheesy BSB is, I want cheesy.  I want that lovey dovey feeling that their songs give me.  And until I have that, I will just have to stick with listening to them!
The end of the story is that I will love Backstreet Boys until the day I die.  I will continue buying their CDs until they stop making them, and I will never turn down the opportunity to go to one of their concerts.  My children will grow up listening to them just as my mother raised me to love Barry Manilow.  And I am not at all embarassed by that fact.  Well, this was a completely unnecessary post, but I just felt like I had to do it.  This is my blog, and you can't get to know me without knowing my love for the Backstreet Boys.  And yes, I did put on my Never Gone t-shirt in honor of Kevin being back.  And I did take a picture of myself wearing it in the library without anyone noticing (I hope).
So I have nothing to leave you with today but a great BSB song :)
xo Mads

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